• French Acoustical Society

  • Acoustical Society of China

Associated organizer

  • European Acoustics Association

Local organizers

  • Le Mans University

  • Harbin Engineering University

Associated local organizers

  • Le Mans Acoustique (LMAc)

  • Laboratoire d'Acoustique de l'Université du Maine (LAUM, UMR CNRS 6613)

  • National Key Laboratory of Acoustic Science and Technology

  • Science and Technology on Sonar Laboratory

  • Key Laboratory of Marine Information Acquisition and Security

  • State Key Laboratory of Acoustics


Honorary Presidents

  • Rachid EI Guerjouma, Le Mans University

  • Chunhua Zhang, Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Presidents of Conference

  • Jean-Philippe Groby, CNRS, Le Mans University

  • Desen Yang, Harbin Engineering University

Presidents of Scientific committee

  • Vitalyi Gusev, Le Mans University

  • Jingwei Yin, Harbin Engineering University

President of Local organization

  • Gaëlle Poignand, Le Mans University

Chinese coordinator

  • Yingzi Wu, Harbin Engineering University

Members of local organization

Local members in Le Mans

  • Frédéric Ablitzer
  • Paola Bertelli
  • Wenping Bi
  • Sandrine Chassagne
  • Jean-Pierre Dalmont
  • Aroune Duclos
  • Jean-Philippe Groby
  • Vitalyi Gusev
  • Claire Henriet
  • Weichun Huang
  • Pascal Picart
  • Gaëlle Poignand
  • Samuel Raetz
  • Olivier Roinson
  • Vicente Romero-Garcia

Local members in China

  • Linlang Bai, Hangzhou Applied Acoustics Research Institute
  • Shengchun Piao, Harbin Engineering University
  • Yingzi Wu, Harbin Engineering University